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Improving Scheduling Using Critical Chain Project Management (CCPM)

April 12th, 2013 4 comments

On December 17, 2002, Shelby County Habitat of Humanity, a nonprofit ecumenical housing ministry, broke the world record for the fastest habitat house ever built in 3 hours, 26 minutes, and 34 seconds. Chad Calhoun, the project manager, attributed the project success to the careful planning of each activity, the readiness and organization of all the resources and materials, and the serious commitment to the sensitive schedule. The project kicked off at 11:00 AM on December 17th with the prefabricated wall panels already set in place and ready to be lifted. This was immediately followed by raising the interior panels which lasted exactly 16 minutes as planned. A series of tasks were later executed by dedicated workers and involved plumbing, wiring, carpeting, flooring, painting, and installation of lightnings, cabinets, electrical outlets, windows, and porches. The construction of the 14,000-pound roof was taking place simultaneously on the ground. Upon completion, it was lifted using a crane and attached accordingly. During that time, another crew of workers was busy handling interior work like decorations while others were planting shrubs in the yard. The house was completed around 2:21 PM.

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